你很勇敢. 你是精英. 你无所畏惧. You are ready to embrace the unknown. 征服它. 再来一次. 你是aoa体育公牛队的. And united with the herd, you are 改变世界.

When you commit to the University of South Florida, we commit to you. AOA体育·(中国)官方网站的成功 drives every facet of our mission, 和 our university consistently tops the charts in closing achievement gaps 和 graduating students on time. All this means that we 让你 第一个, so you can reach higher, dream bigger 和 maximize your potential.

When you’re on campus, you know that our institutional culture prioritizes the complete wellbeing of each 和 每一个AOA体育·(中国)官方网站. With ample resources across the university, we support our students 和 prioritize your academic, physical 和 mental health. We work harder for you, empowering you to ensure your academic success.

With the world at your fingertips 和 the herd at your back, you are ready to rise to any challenge, tackle any obstacle 和 shape the future of our world.

For student 和 campus life information specific to another campus, visit the St. 彼得堡Sarasota-Manatee 校园网站.


As you forge your path to academic success, we are here to provide the resources, support 和 advising you need. Whether it be course planning or tutoring, we are committed to supporting your personal path to graduation.

Two students smile while working in a notebook together

就业中心 & Professional Development

Your time at aoa体育 is just the 第一个 step in your journey to change the world. 停止 by the 就业中心 & Professional Development to find out how to make your career dreams a reality or to explore the options available for your interests, aspirations 学术专业. 

A career services worker assists a smiling student

Marshall Student Center

At the heart of the aoa体育 Tampa campus, the Marshall Student Center is the home to student life departments 和 is your one-stop shop for everyday needs. Enjoy lunch with friends in the food court, grab some cash at the credit union or find a quiet study spot in 我们的一个休息室.

的 bull statues outside the Marshall Student Center

娱乐 & 健康

Your physical health 和 well-being are the foundation of your success. 娱乐 & 健康 has the resources you need to thrive, from a state-of-the-art fitness facility 和 outdoor athletic fields to intramural sports 和 Riverfront Park.

Lap pool inside the Campus 娱乐 Center


You are today, tomorrow, forever a aoa体育 Bull. Embrace our history 和 celebrate our accomplishments 和 our community this spring during 普遍服务基金周, when the pride of the 牧群苏醒!

Balloons drop in the Marshall Student Center during 普遍服务基金周

实习 & AOA体育·(中国)官方网站就业

Working hard to achieve your dreams is a challenge we welcome as Bulls. 搜索 jobs on or off campus 和 find internships that will help you develop essential employment skills 和 launch your career.

Three student interns from the aoa体育 Healht College of Pharmacy smile

Textbook Affordability Project (TAP)

的 rising, high cost of textbooks can put a strain on 每一个AOA体育·(中国)官方网站's budget. 的 Textbook Affordability Project (TAP) promotes awareness of these affordability issues 和 creates solutions to ensure all students have access to necessary course materials. Learn more about TAP's offerings, from electronic textbooks to textbooks on reserve 在图书馆.

Logo for the Textbook Affordability Project

Download Myaoa体育 Mobile

Myaoa体育 Mobile is your pocket resource to keep you informed 和 organized when you’re 忙碌中. Check your email, catch the Bull Runner, find your next class 和 more – all from your mobile device.

A screenshot of the Myaoa体育 mobile app for students


Join peers who are boundless. Using their creativity, empathy, 和 academic pursuits to carve out new paths of excellence. Be amongst leaders who will push you to be your 最好的牛.

Headshot of Xiomara Montes