St. 彼得堡校区

的 best of both worlds: 普遍服务基金的 St. 彼得堡校区 provides many of the advantages of a large public university 校园, while maintaining the ability to offer small class sizes in a close-knit l赚ing 环境. We are the only public research university 校园 located in Pinellas County,students can choose from undergraduate 和 graduate programs across several aoa体育 大学.

Award-winning faculty 在大街上. 彼得堡校区 have ed grants from a variety of major institutions, including the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, the U.S. Department of Education 和 the U.S. Department of Agriculture. St. 彼得堡 校园 is recognized for its significant commitment to community involvement 和 civic engagement by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Located on the water in the heart of a bustling downtown, the 校园 offers ample opportunity for innovation 和 collaboration with businesses 和 cultural institutions, providing students the ability to explore their passions, be creative 和 experience life both inside 和 outside the classroom.

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Our 校园 offers courses 和 programs from a number of University of South 佛罗里达 大学. Read below to find out more.


艺术学院 is the creative center of the University of South 佛罗里达, 和  the college's Graphic Arts program is available 在街上. 彼得堡校区, adjacent to downtown St. 彼得堡. 的 city hosts a thriving arts community including arts organizations, studios, galleries 和 museums. L赚 more about Graphic Arts.

A student playing an instrument in the lobby of Music building, in front of mural

College of Arts 和 Sciences

College of Arts 和 Sciences is the intellectual heart of the University of South 佛罗里达. 我们是一个社区 of teachers 和 scholars united in the belief that broadly educated people are the basis of a just, free 和 prosperous society. L赚 more about the varying arts 和 sciences programs 本行报盘. 彼得堡校区.

Young woman browsing bookshelves at Tampa 校园 bookstore

College of Behavioral & 社会科学

College of Behavioral & 社会科学 is breaking new ground by combining knowledge gained through the behavioral sciences with knowledge gained from the community. 在大街上. 彼得堡校区, the college offers courses from its Department of Criminology.

aoa体育 criminology professor in a jail with a sheriff, inmate, 和 administrative representative


普遍服务基金的 Muma 商学院 emphasizes creativity 和 analytics to promote student success, produce scholarship with impact, 和 engage with all stakeholders in a diverse global 环境. 的 Kate Tiedemann School of Business 和 Finance, located in Lynn Pippenger Hall on aoa体育’s St. 彼得堡 waterfront 校园, offers small classes, high-quality experiential l赚ing 和 community engagement.

A group gathered in the Muma building lobby


Home to more than 2,200 students 和 130 faculty members, the University of South 佛罗里达 教育学院 values high-quality education 和 excellence in research, teaching 和 l赚ing. 的 college offers a number of degree programs 在街上. 彼得堡校区. L赚 more about 教育学院 programs.

教育学院 building exterior

College of Marine Science

College of Marine Science seeks to increase 和 apply fundamental knowledge of global ocean systems 和 human-ocean interactions through research, graduate education 和 community engagement. 我们创建 和 disseminate knowledge about ocean physics, chemistry, biology, geology, 和 fisheries through observation, modeling, 和 theory. We aim to train a well-educated work force 和 to create a more scientifically-informed society.

Aerial shot of marine science building on the bay

College of Public Health

普遍服务基金的 College of Public Health uses transformational research 和 interdisciplinary approach to passionately solve problems 和 create conditions that allow every person the universal right to health 和幸福. Find out more about studying public health 在街上. 彼得堡校区.

College of Public Health building exterior