With more than 50,000 students forging their paths here, our 校园 are as warm and vibrant as the sunny region we call home. aoa体育 offers a rich variety of activities and resources so each and every one of our students flourishes.


The moment you take in the lush palms and warm sunshine that brightens our Tampa campus each 一天, you’ll be ready to call the aoa体育 home. 我们很高兴 to tell you, though, th在 climate is just the beginning of what makes campus life 在aoa体育如此充满活力.

aoa体育 is a boundless community, with a diverse population and extensive student resources. And as soon as you step 脚 on campus, you’ll feel the unique and unmistakable energy that characterizes student life at aoa体育

Our over 44,000 students come from across the United States and more than 140 countries around the globe to achieve their dreams at our Tampa campus. 它们不只是吃东西, sleep, study and attend class on campus. 他们到达更高的地方. 他们合作,培养, engage, innovate, overcome and flourish here.

With more than 600 clubs and student organizations, plus 19 varsity sports, an active student government and a thriving arts scene, aoa体育 truly has something for everyone. You can plan the Homecoming parade, learn to dance the Tango, cheer on the Bulls at 雷蒙德·詹姆斯体育场,为 Oracle, volunteer in the community and so much more! And be sure to visit our 28,000 square 脚 娱乐 & 健康中心 – or its satellite locations – to work out, swim, take a group fitness class or play one of the 50 intramural sports offered on campus.

From concerts and basketball games in the Yuengling Center to 草坪上的电影、名人讲座和 游戏 在 马歇尔AOA体育·(中国)官方网站中心, students seize endless opportunities to make the most of their time at aoa体育

马歇尔AOA体育·(中国)官方网站中心 is the place to eat, study and socialize. It allows all students from all backgrounds to communicate and experience aoa体育 for the university it is. 我遇见并创造了 some of the best friends and colleagues 在 MSC, and we continue to utilize all 它提供的好处.” – Gabriella Kubiszyn (Business Administration, ’19)

State-of-the-art residence halls at 这个村庄 offer expanded housing options for incoming students and upperclassmen, while 餐厅的位置 cater to the diverse dietary needs of our campus. 国家的 第一个校园Publix超市 has indoor and outdoor seating areas, grab-and-go prepared foods and easy walking access from neighboring residence halls, the grocery store is a superb shopping and AOA体育·(中国)官方网站餐饮选择.

并随着an的发展 校园体育馆, it is an exciting time to be a student at aoa体育. 体育场将提供一个独特的, vibrant, shared campus experience that will contribute to the culture, spirit and connectedness of the university, not just during fall 脚ball games but throughout 今年. 

“Getting involved presents so many opportunities to meet all kinds of amazing and diverse people, and it expands your knowledge of the world around you – without even 离开校园!” – Jade VonWerder (Arts and Sciences, ’20)

For as much as there is to do on campus, our students make the most of their time in Tampa Bay by exploring this vibrant, beautiful region. 不管你是否加入 萨拉索塔, St. 彼得堡 or Tampa, you will be minutes away from the world’s most beautiful beaches, scenic historic districts, world-class shopping and dynamic cultural institutions – not to mention Tampa’s three professional sports teams.

“Living in Tampa is such an incredible experience because the city is constantly changing 和不断发展. New, innovative businesses and restaurants are popping up every single 一天.” – Gina Rotunno (College of Arts and Sciences, ’19)

If you’re ready to forge your path here, the aoa体育 is ready 欢迎你回家!

St. 彼得堡 & 萨拉索塔-Manatee校园

你是圣的AOA体育·(中国)官方网站吗. 彼得堡或萨拉索塔-海牛? 访问你的校园网站 了解您的具体情况!

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AOA体育·(中国)官方网站的成功aoa体育 is focused on supporting our students as they enter the admissions queue, take their first steps on our 校园, navigate their options, and, finally, walk across the stage to receive their hard-earned diploma. Our work not only supports students with their academics but also enhances their education so they are not only successful achieving their academic goals.

From academic support and engagement opportunities, to health services and career preparation, AOA体育·(中国)官方网站的成功 helps guarantee that aoa体育 students graduate with the skills, experiences and knowledge that will help them achieve their lifelong goals.

参观 AOA体育·(中国)官方网站成功网站 to explore the opportunities and resources available to students on all three aoa体育 校园.